A Dance Family That Supports Each Other

It is a privilege to have professional and certified trained dance instructors in a small community such as Pembroke, Ontario, for my two daughters.

The quality of teaching has surpassed my expectations. Their passion for dance is supported and developed weekly through this school's amazing teachers. The instructors show proper techniques and discipline, using highly respected curriculum such as the Royal Academy of Dance and ADAPT syllabus.

The students can assert their skills by participating in competitive and recreational competitions, and end of year recitals. Michelle's School of Performing Arts supports and entertains the community by visiting Long Term Care facilities, retirement homes and public events by organizing mini-concerts and showcases. As a healthcare professional, I have seen first hand the positive effects it has on the elderly by uplifting their spirits and putting a smile on their faces, positively impacting their quality of life. MSPA also offered the dancers, including my ecstatic daughter, the privilege and opportunity to perform at the Harlem Globetrotters this past spring at the Canadian Tire Center.

School founder Michelle Picard maintains various advanced courses led by top choreographers and dance instructors, to expand the dancer's techniques through summer school and elite opportunities.

MSPA provides a family-friendly, encouraging environment. This school is a dance family that supports each other. The staff are dedicated and care for the safety of all the students. It is an honour to be able to have my daughters dance at such a prestige dance studio, and we cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

Cheryl Renaud, Dance Parent


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