Mr. Dorian

Tap, Musical Theatre

About Mr. Dorian
Dorian has been teaching at Michelle’s School of Performing Arts since 2016. In addition to teaching, he has been dancing competitively for over 13 years. He has been attending various competitions in multiple cities and competing in nearly every style of dance bringing home many overalls, judges choice, high score awards and scholarships.

Since Dorian started dancing at the age of 4, he has completed multiple examinations in Tap (ADAPT), Ballet (RAD) and Jazz (ADAPT). In 2014, he completed the ADAPT Assistant Teacher Program. In 2018, he started training in the 3 year ADAPT Teachers Training Program, taught by Brian and Faye Foley. In July of 2019, he will complete his year II of the program and will graduate and be a certified ADAPT instructor in July 2020.

Dorian has a passion for dance and performing arts and sets a high standard for himself and his students, and continues to educate and upgrade his skills whenever possible. Many of his students have now completed their own examinations with high marks. Dorian hopes to continue teaching, training and performing in the dance world for many years to come.
Dorian will be completing his three year Teacher's Training with ADAPT in 2020.