Nursery (Age 3):

Nursery is offered to children at the age of 3 years. The students learn poise, balance, coordination, tempo, and combinations of dance steps all while having fun through games with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Syllabus. They also have the opportunity to learn a dance routine and perform it at our year-end show. Children introduced to dance at this age become stronger, more balanced, and more aware of what the arts can eventually do for them.

Kinderdance (Age 4):

Kinderdance is offered to children at the age of 4 years. This program has a lot of similarities to our Nursery Program, with the addition of advancing further into the RAD Ballet syllabus. They also have the opportunity to learn a dance routine and perform it at our year-end show.

Pre-Acro (Age 4-6):

This fun introduction to Acro will help your child develop coordination, rhythm, and a functional acrobatic body. Introductory acrobatic movements are learned through interactive games whereby the children learn fundamental body positions, safe rolling, and expand on their natural tendency to want to move to music!

Pre-Primary Ballet (Age 5):

Pre-Primary Ballet is the 1st level in the RAD Ballet Syllabus where the child is introduced to the language of ballet and provided with the essential technical foundation needed by all ballet dancers.

Pre-Tap (Age 5-6):

Pre-Tap’s focus is on learning rhythm, coordination and basic tap steps. Children are taught the basics of counting music and applying movements to beats. The class consists of a center-floor warm-up, traveling step, and across the floor movement. Children learn dance routines to all types of music. No experience necessary. It’s a fun way of making music with your feet!

Pre-Jazz (Age 5-7):

This class is designed to develop good posture using controlled and sustained movement to encourage correct muscle development, core strengthening, and balance. Other segments of the class work on coordination skills through movements such as skips and gallops. The class introduces basic technical concepts, jazz steps, floor patterns and short dance routines done to the latest music.