Jazz Dance

Program Overview:

Jazz Dance combines Jazz Music with dance styles that originated from multiple sources such as African-American social dances, the ballet, tap, jitterbug… in fact any dance done to jazz music.

Throughout its history, Jazz Dance choreographers have developed newer styles by incorporating steps from modern ballet and contemporary dance. There are several figures under the umbrella of Jazz Dance (such as Michael Jackson, Gus Giordano, Jack Cole, Gene Kelly and Norma Miller) that have shaped the movement and influence of popular choreographers that you see today.

Our Program

At our school, we study the ADAPT method of Jazz Dance. Though this method, our dancers are given the opportunity to do their jazz exams.

Dancers in this program are given the opportunity to perform in our annual recital held in June at Festival Hall. Our Jazz Dance classes start at only $55.00 per month plus HST.
Please see our website or contact our office for details.