Elite Competition & Pre - Competition Program

The goal of these programs are to form the building blocks for a competitive dancer. This is for serious students who want to expand their skills and become more marketable in the dance community

Students graduating from this program will acquire the skills necessary to successfully audition.

Please see our registration page or call our office at (613) 735-6572 for details.

Pre - Competition

"Pre Comp" consists of dancers that have one year of dance experience

Participation in our "Pre Comp" program qualifies the beginner student to attend one competition in that year.

The aim of "Pre Comp" is to build your experience and confidence. These are much-needed building blocks to help you achieve a competitive level of dance.

"Pre Comp" both a lot of fun and inspires team building amongst all of our upcoming dancers.


The competitive level of dance consists of dancers that have the desire to achieve even more of themselves, and dance careers.

These students have a great passion for performing.

As well they are in multiple different dances and routines.

Stressing even more team skills and communication amongst fellow dancers, as to enhance self confidence.

This higher level of dance is conducive to inspiring them to branch out to different genres, such as Acting, Musical theatre, Singing, Teaching and auditioning for screen productions.

Your Elite Program Teachers

Miss Amanda

Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz

Mr. Dorian

Tap, Musical Theatre

Ms. Picard

Nursery/Kinder Dance and Ballet